The AStA introduces itself

What is the AStA actually?

AStA stands for "Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss" (general student committee). It is the representation of the students at the university. The chair of the AStA is elected once a year by the student parliament, which in turn is elected once a year by all students. The AStA is therefore the "government" of the students. (More on this under University Politics) In addition to university political work with lectures, discussions, protest actions and readers, the AStA also offers a range of services and advice. These include, for example, the Bulli rental, the print shop, or the legal and social counseling. There are many different departments in the AStA, which deal with very different topics. For more information, take a look at our homepage! vorbei!

The departments

The content-related work in the AStA takes place in departments. There are autonomous units, which are elected by their own status group, and non-autonomous units, which are determined by the statutes or the coalition agreement. In this legislature, the AStA consists of the following departments:

AStA Chair

Department of Finance

Referat für Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und Kommunikation

Department for sustainibility and mobility

Referat für Kultur und Queer_Feminismus

Referat für Politische Bildung und Intersektionalität

Referat für Soziales und Wohnraum

Autonomous departments

There are ten autonomous units in the AStA. The autonomous departments are elected by their plenary assembly, i.e. by all members of the respective group. Although they receive funding from the AStA, they are only accountable to their respective status groups. Another special feature is that although new autonomous units can be founded or old ones dissolved, it is not up to the AStA to decide, as is the case with the non-autonomous units. At the moment, the following autonomous departments exist:

Department of the student council



Department for lesbians

Department for gays

Department for sports

Referat buckS

Representation of PhD students

BIPoC Referat



Assignments support the AStA in some activities and are either advertised or were founded on the basis of unsolicited applications. Anyone with a good idea can apply to the AStA and implement it in a commission. Many of our assignments offer great events, like the Culture Corner, the Baracke or the commissions to fight anti-fascism and anti-Semitism. But also two student gardens, a feminist radio show or support for student teachers can be found in our commissions.

An overview can be found here: