Those who have never studied at a university are often surprised at how many bodies there are to elect. The self-administration of universities is a long-fought privilege and an expression of academic freedom. And we students have also fought for a lot of autonomy in the past, which is worth defending. Therefore, participation in university democracy is important and we would like to briefly introduce the most important committees to you.

The student parliament is the "legislature" of the student body. Its 31 representatives are elected once a year, the next time in summer 2022. Among other things, it has the task of electing the AStA chairperson, controlling the AStA, adopting a budget or deciding on financial applications of larger scope. Especially the adoption of the budget makes the student parliament a very important body, after all, the budget of the student body has a volume of several million euros, which are made up of the contributions that all students pay at the beginning of the semester.

The Senate is part of the academic self-administration. Among the 23 members of the senate there are three representatives of the students, who are elected once a year. The Senate's tasks include, for example, electing members of the Rectorate, commenting on the annual report of the Rectorate, and making recommendations and statements in matters of research, art, teaching and studies that affect the entire university or central institutions or are of fundamental importance. In addition, the Senate may appoint committees and commissions in which members from the student body also participate.

The General Student Committee (AStA) is the representation of the students at the University of Münster. It is elected as an executive body for one year by the student parliament. The AStA consists of the chairperson, the advisors and affiliated commissions.

The student councils, the students who participate in university sports, doctoral students, women, lesbians, gays, disabled and chronically ill students, financially and culturally disadvantaged students, and BIPoC have their own representatives in autonomous departments.

Political engagement is an effective way to change and shape the world. This already starts on a small scale at the university. That's why there are numerous opportunities at Münster University to become politically educated and involved outside of the university. One option is to join one of the political university groups:

  • Campus Green
  • Liberal University Group
  • Ring of Christian Democratic Students
  • Juso University Group
  • The Liste
  • SDS. The Left
  • KriL – Critical Left
  • Volt University Group

If you have questions or problems during your studies, your student council is the first point of contact. There is a student council for every department. Your student representatives are familiar with the small and big problems of studying and know many contact persons at your institute. Fachschaftenportal gives an overview of the work of the student representatives on the student council portal.

At the University of Münster there is a great variety of university groups where you can get involved. Whether political, economic, religious, musical-artistic or international - there is something for everyone. You can find an overview of the various student groups and associations on

Du willst Menschen unterstützen, die ins Ausland möchten? Du planst selbst einen Auslandsaufenthalt? Dich interessieren Menschenrechte, humanitäre Hilfe und Internationale Beziehungen? Dann kannst Du in Münster bei vielen Organisationen vorbeischauen, zum Beispiel

  • AIESEC-Lokalkomitee Münster
  • Amnesty International Hochschulgruppe
  • ELSA Münster – European Law Students Association
  • Global Brigades Universität Münster
  • International Justice Mission Campus
  • Junge Europäische Föderalisten Münster (JEF)
  • Pamoja – Tanzanian German Exchange Project
  • UAEM Münster – Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
  • UNICEF – Hochschulgruppe Münster

Du willst Verantwortung in der Wirtschaft übernehmen, Dich mit Nachhaltigkeit, Klimaschutz und Gleichberechtigung auseinandersetzen? Oder möchtest Du Praxiserfahrungen im Marketing sammeln? Dann informiere Dich bei verschiedenen Hochschulgruppen in diesem Bereich, beispielsweise:

  • Bundesverband Deutscher Volks und Betriebswirte e. V. – Hochschulgruppe Münster (bdvb)
  • Enactus Münster e.V
  • Initiative Plurale Ökonomik Münster
  • move (Studentische Unternehmensberatung e. V.)
  • Marketing zwischen Theorie und Praxis e. V. (MTP)
  • Münsteraner Börsenparkett e.V.
  • Psychologie in Wirtschaft und Medien e.V.
  • sneep e.V. (Studentisches Netzwerk für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik)
  • Studierendeninitiative Wirtschaft & Umwelt e.V.
  • Symposium Oeconomicum Münster e.V.
  • University of Münster Case Club e.V.
  • Venture Club Münster e.V.
  • Vereinigung der Wirtschaftschemiker
  • Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Ferienarbeitsgemeinschaften Münster
  • Musik – und Theatergruppen
  • canticum novum
  • Einklang – Philharmonie für alle
  • Ensemble 22
  • Freies Musical Ensemble Münster
  • frei & improvisiert
  • Galaxy Brass
  • Junges Sinfonieorchester
  • legato m
  • Oratorienchor Münster am Institut für Musikpädagogik der WWU
  • Posaunenchor der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität
  • Sola Musica
  • Studentenorchester Münster
  • Studentischer Madrigalchor e.V.
  • Universitätschor